Future tense.

Hello again! Today,  we’re going to talk about the future.

Remember in English we have two types of simple futures.
One is with «GOING TO»  and the other one is with auxiliary «WILL»

 They both are quite similar, but here is a little tip to help you understand them better:

Future with “WILL” is for things you are not sure of or for things you don’t think a lot.
And future with “GOING TO” is for things you are very sure of. 

Here is an example! 

Let’s say you have an 18 years old daughter, and she tells you:

“Mom, dad, I will be a doctor!”
You will probably say: “Yes, one day, when you get older, you will be a doctor” (You are not sure if this is going to happen, maybe she becomes a lawyer, who knows!)

But if she tells you:

“Mom, dad, I am going to be a doctor!” 
(This means that she passed the exam for the university or that she’s already studying medicine and she will graduate, so you will probably say: Congratulations! We are very proud of you!) 

I hope this tip helps you study, remember to check our recorded class. 

See you next! 👋🏼