American English VS British English

Hello again! 
As is well known, there are some word differences between British English and American English. Let’s review the most common! 👇🏼
American: Apartment 🏙
British: Flat🏙
 American: Closet 
British: Wardrobe 
American: Sink 🚰
British: Washbasin 🚰
American: Elevator 🛗
British: Lift 🛗
American: Stove
British: Cooker 
American: French fries 🍟
British: Chips🍟
American: Diaper
British: Nappy
American: Cookies 🍪
British: Biscuits  🍪
American: Eggplant
British: Aubergine  
American: Subway🚇
British: Underground🚇
American: Taxi🚕
British: Cab🚕
American: Sweater
British: Jumper
American: Pants 👖
British: Trousers 👖
American: Sneakers👟
British: Trainers👟
American: Clothes store
British: Clothes shop 
American: Sidewalk
British: Pavement
American: Check 🧾
British: Bill 🧾

American: Gas station
British: Petrol station

American: Vacation
British: Holiday

American: Soccer⚽
British: Football⚽

American: Parking lot
British: Car park
American: Go to the movies🍿
British: Go to the cinema🍿
American: Eraser
British: Rubber
American: Break time  
British: Recess  
American: Fall 🍂 
British: Autumn 🍂
American: Mom👩🏻‍🍼
British: Mum👩🏻‍🍼
American: Downtown
British: City centre
American: Garbage/trash
British: Rubbish (Brit)