Superstitions in Mexico

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Throughout history, Mexican superstitions have been vital beliefs, and from their impact, they were able to survive over time. Even today, for some people they are still as respectable as in ancient times. 

Superstitions are ideas opposed to reason. However, despite not having a logical explanation, we attribute a magic to them.

These are three of the best-known superstitions in Mexico


1.- Red bracelet on babies

This is one of the most famous Mexican superstitions and is still in force.
Since babies do not have enough strength to avoid bad energies, it is said that it is necessary to put a red bracelet or a deer’s eye amulet on them: thus, these objects will act as protection to avoid the evil eye.


2.- Buzzing of the ears.

This superstition tells us that someone might be talking about you. If your right ear buzzes, you don’t have to worry, they’re talking well about you. On the other hand, if your left is buzzing, they are talking badly about you, in that case you must bite your tongue. According to the legend, this causes the person who is talking about you to bite theirs and negative thoughts move away.

close-up of female ear and palm behind it

3.- And finally, be careful when you sweep.

Don’t sweep the floor at night, it is believed that if we sweep at night we will attract bad luck. Nor do the dirt go out through the entrance door or good luck will go with it.
Avoid sweeping on the feet of a single person or you can «sweep» any possibility of him getting married.

Superstitions sometimes cross borders, they exist in one form or another in many countries. It is up to each of us to believe in them or not, but if you think you have done something to attract bad energies, do not allow them to accumulate.

By:  Evelyn Cobaxin

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