Phrasal verbs

Hi there! Today,  we’re going to learn about Phrasal verbs. 

As you know, to speak informal English like a native speaker you’ll have to learn a bunch of phrasal verbs.
These are a combination of a preposition and a verb, remember the preposition changes completely the meaning of the verb! 
So be careful!

Here are some phrasal verbs that will help you on your holiday trip:

Set off: this means to start a trip
Example: We are setting off tomorrow at 3:00! I am so excited!

Hop on/ Hop off: to get on or off any means of transportation.
Example: You’ll have to hop on the first train to London if you want to be on time.

Drop off: to leave someone at a specific place.
Example: The driver will drop us off in front of the World Trade Center.

Look around: to visit a place and look at the things it has.
Example: Yesterday we looked around Central Park all afternoon, it’s huge!

See off: to go say goodbye to someone at a station or airport
Example: We all went to the airport to see my cousin off to Mexico.

See you next! 👋🏼