Idioms with colors

Hello there! Would you like to learn something new today? You’re in the right place! So let’s begin!

Did you know that there are idioms that use colors, but have a completely different meaning? 
Here is a list of some of them. Have fun using them!

White Lie: A small lie told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.
Example: I told my son a little white lie at the supermarket so he would stop crying.

Golden opportunity: an excellent opportunity that you cannot miss.
Example: The auditions were a golden opportunity for her to start in the movie business.

Green with envy: to be very jealous.
Example: They are going to be green with envy when they see your new car!

To feel blue: to be sad.
Example: My brother was feeling blue because he failed his exam.
Out of the blue: when something appears unexpectedly.
Example: She visited us out of the blue, we hadn’t seen her in years!

Black sheep: to be the odd or bad member of the family.
Example: My brother is the black sheep in our family. He’s always sneaking out at night.

 Once in a blue moon: very rarely
Example: My sister lives in Canada, we see her once in a blue moon.

Green light: to give permission for something.
Example: Our boss gave us green light to leave early today.

 Tickled pink: very pleased with something.
Example: She was tickled pink with the surprise dinner we threw her.

See red: to be very angry.
Example: The teacher saw red when she noticed the students were cheating in the exam


Remember! You can use idioms in any tense you want (past-present-future)

  • (Past) Our boss gave us green light to leave early today.
  • (Right now)  Our boss is giving us green light to leave early today.
  • (Future) Our boss will give us green light to leave early today.

See you next! 👋🏼