Fashion Trend: María Félix vs Eiza González

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Today, we are going to talk a little bit about fashion through the years.

50 years ago, María Félix was a striking actress because of her elegance. It  was evident in the jewelry and clothes that  she wore every day.

Nowadays Eiza González has become one of the most important mexican actresses of the moment on an international level and now, in addition to making her way in Hollywood, she is being recognized in the fashion industry as well. 




María wore a classic dress that looked like a crop top with a long skirt, she looked a little innocent.



LikewiseEiza wore a long dress with subdued color and
very marked waist. 

Similarly, in casual clothes they have a lot of style!!

While María wore pants with a sweater and a scarf around her neck.

Eiza wears denim jeans and blouse with dark glasses


Eiza Gonzalez was inspired by María Félix for the VOGUE magazine, and  she looks very pretty as well.


Eiza González looks beautiful in a strapless dress, similarly María Félix did with a sweetheart neckline. 


Eiza González’ look in the red carpet that bring back the stylistic spirit of María Félix in a silk dress. She didn’t wear it badly either!


By:  Jacqueline Trujillo Álvarez

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